MiniConference Participants

Matthew Schell Graduate Assistant Michigan State University I am a first year PhD student in the Educational Psychology and Educational Technology program. I am interested in studying student engagement and achievement in virtual learning environments. Previously to starting a PhD program I was a high school science teacher for 3 years.
Katie Schenkel
Jennifer Schmidt Associate Professor Educational Psychology and Educational Technology
Megan Schrauben
Kathryn Schwartz URA BEACON/Linnen Lab
Christina Schwarz Associate Professor Michigan State University
Sam Severance Postdoctoral Research Associate CREATE for STEM Institute
Chris Shaltry Academic Technology and Curriculum Specialist Michigan State University
Amit Sharma Graduate Student MSU
Cheryl Sisk Interim Dean MSU College of Natural Science
Tamara Smolek Science Education Research Consultant Michigan Department of Education
Kamali Sripathi Post-Doctoral Research Associate Michigan State University Kamali received her PhD from the University of Michigan in 2014, focusing on the biophysics of small catalytic RNAs. Her research interests include: 1) understanding how students use the visualizations (e.g., 3D images of biomolecules, graphs, chemical equations, etc. etc.) presented to them in... Read more
Colter Starr
Jon Stoltzfus Biological Sciences Program Director MSU
Ryan Stowe Research Associate I am a chemist, educator, and researcher interested in working with teachers to help high school students make sense of the world at the molecular level. As atoms and molecules are far-removed from experience, their behavior cannot often be intuited from macroscopic observation alone. Curricula... Read more