MiniConference Participants

Kellie Finnie Research Associate CREATE for STEM
Tanner Foster Undergraduate AACR
Kelsey Funkhouser PhD Candidate
Mike Gallagher Oakland Schools
Bob Geier Associate Director Bob Geier's original background is in Physics and digital design engineering, before moving into Science Education. He's served as a secondary science and mathematics teacher, department head, school administrator, school board member and Director of Policy and Technology for the state... Read more
Taren Going Graduate Student Michigan State University I am a past middle school math/science teacher and a current PhD student at MSU. My research interest is in how students engage in mathematical proving processes.
Kristina Griswold
Emma Guiberson Prospective Chemistry Grad Student I am a prospective graduate student with the department of chemistry interested in pursuing a chemical education PhD track. I am visiting from the University of Notre Dame.
Kevin Haudek Assistant Professor Michigan State University
Phyllis Haugabo... Research Associate CREATE for STEM Assessing K-12 Three-Dimensional Learning Using Three-Dimensional Rubrics Authors: Phyllis Haugabook Pennock, Samuel Severance, Consuelo Morales, and Joseph Krajcik CREATE for STEM, Michigan State University Abstract As teachers across the state implement Michigan Science Standards (... Read more
Christa Haverly Graduate Assistant Michigan State University Christa Haverly is a doctoral candidate in Teacher Education with a focus on Science Education and Urban Education. She is currently gathering data for her dissertation which focuses on developing three urban elementary teachers' responsive teaching practices. She is also teaching TE804, which... Read more
Samantha Houchlei Graduate Student Michigan State University
Paul Irving Assistant Professor Physics
Lauren Jescovitch Postdoctoral Research Associate CREATE for STEM
Oscar Judd Graduate Student Michigan State University