MiniConference Participants

Sewwandi Abeywardana California State University Long Beach
Idit Adler Post-doctoral research associate CREATE for STEM, MSU
Kimberly Alberts Graduate Assistant Michigan State University I am a first year Ph.D. student in the Educational Psychology and Educational Technology (EPET) program at Michigan State University.
Charles Anderson
Kinsey Bain Postdoctoral Research Associate Michigan State University
Renee Bayer Assoc. Director for Engagement CREATE for STEM Institute Renee uses her background in public health and environmental education in several CREATE projects including Health in Our Hands and Teaching Science Outdoors. She also helps to engage faculty, teachers, and community members in CREATE for STEM projects and activities.
Patrick Beymer
Kristen Bieda Associate Professor Teacher Education
Sarah Bodbyl
David Bowers Graduate Research Assistant Michigan State University, Connected Mathematics David is a doctoral student in the Program in Mathematics Education here at Michigan State University. He teaches mathematics content courses for prospective teachers and works as a research assistant with the Connected Mathematics Project.
Nathan Burroughs Research Asst. Professor CREATE
Marcos Caballero Assistant Professor Michigan State University
Loan Cao research assisstant Michigan State University
Sue Carpenter Business/HR Manager CREATE for STEM Inst. Sue has been with CREATE since its inception in 2010. She manages CREATE business, including human resources, program/event planning, communications, space coordination, and is a member of the new Professional Learning team. She is currently working on an M.S. in Management.
Bob Cermak Graduate Assistant for Assessment and Research Dow STEM Scholars - Michigan State University