Dow STEM Scholars Program: From Persistence and Surviving to Thriving in STEM

Dow STEM Scholars Program (DSS) is a grant initiative, funded by the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation, to increase in number of STEM graduates in Michigan. Dow Scholars must major in an approved STEM major, be a Michigan resident and place into MTH 1825, intermediate algebra. With a combination of specialized classes- DSS MTH 103 and CEM 121 classes, peer mentoring, intrusive advising, DSS Freshman Seminar, and our socioemotional and academic support, our students are indeed persisting at a higher rate than predicted for students who enter MSU placed into Math 1825.

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Progression of Student Feedback and Computational Skills in P-Cubed

Projects and Practices in Physics is a sequence of two introductory, calculus-based physics courses, covering mechanics (P-Cubed) and electricity and magnetism (EMP-Cubed). Both P-Cubed and EMP-Cubed are flipped classrooms, where students read online notes and complete homework assignments at home and spend class time working on complex problems (or projects) in small groups. The projects are designed to be intricate and challenging, often asking students to model the situation using minimally-working VPython code.

Generative Generations: Indigenously-Determined STEM Game Development Curriculum

This poster shares the proposal, hypothesis, and theoretical lens for Generative Generations, a forthcoming game development curriculum kit for engaging Indigenous youth in STEM themed video games in community-led workshops which can take place during after-school and summer programs. Through gamified hands-on curriculum, Indigenous youth will be challenged to express their perceptions of science and science careers and create their own culturally responsive STEM themed video games to engage in STEM topics while simultaneously activating STEM skills.