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Susan Codere, Joseph Krajcik, Emily Miller, Annemarie Palincsar Multiple Literacies in Project-Based Learning (ML-PBL) K-12, Science
Matthew J. Schell, Kimberly M. Alberts, Patrick N. Beymer, Jennifer A. Schmidt "Why Should I Care About Science?” An Ongoing Investigation of Teacher Task Value Statements and Their Impact On Student Engagement K-12, Science
Pamela L. Mosley, Jennifer L. Nimtz, William R. Humes, Kristen N. Bieda, and Lynmarie A. Posey Graphing as a Tool to Build Mathematical Understanding in Chemistry Science, College, Mathematics
Christopher Klager, Jukka Marjanen, Israel Touitou, Barbara Schneider, Joseph Krajcik, Jari Lavonen, Katariina Salmela-Aro Enhancing Imagination and Problem-Solving using Project-Based Learning K-12, Science
Schwarz, C., Braaten, M., Calabrese-Barton, A., & Haverly, C. Sense-Making Moments: Accessing Elementary Teachers' Responsiveness Towards Students' Scientific Sense-Making K-12, Science
John Knapp, Kamali Sripathi, Hailey Cockerill, Kevin Haudek, Mark Urban-Lurain, John Merrill Student Conceptions of Structure-Function Relationships in Cell Membranes. Science, College
Lauren N Jescovitch, Emily Scott, Jack Cerchiara, Jennifer Doherty, Mary Pat Wenderoth, Jenny McFarland, John Merrill, Joyce Parker, Mark Urban-Lurain, and Kevin Haudek USING AUTOMATED ANALYSIS OF CONSTRUCTED RESPONSE (AACR) FOR ASSESSING LEARNING PROGRESSIONS: PRINCIPLE-BASED REASONING IN UNDERGRADUATE PHYSIOLOGY (LEAP UP) Science, College
Kamali Sripathi, Rosa Moscarella, Rachel Yoho, Hye Sun You, Matthew Steele, Kevin Haudek, Mark Urban-Lurain, John Merrill Trends in Student Thinking about Cellular Respiration Across Multiple Scales Science, College
Hailey Cockerill, Andrea Bierema, Kevin Haudek, Rosa Moscarella, Kamali Sripathi, Rachel Yoho, Mark Urban-Lurain, John Merrill Question Development Using Undergraduate Students’ Writing about the Origin of Genetic Variation Science, College
Tanner Foster, Rachel Yoho, Kevin Haudek, Mark Urban-Lurain, John Merrill Revealing Undergraduate and Instructor Ideas about the Core Concept of Structure and Function Science, College
Kinsey Bain, Hayden Hamby, Tucker McCord, & Marcy H. Towns Students’ understanding of energy in chemical reactions and processes Science, College
Marisol Mercado Santiago, John Merrill, Kevin Haudek, and Mark Urban-Lurain Automated Analysis for a Learning Progression on Scientific Argumentation in Middle School K-12, Science
Joelyn de Lima, Tammy Long Adapting an existing framework to evaluate Systems thinking skills using Structure-Behaviour-Function (SBF) models Science, College
Chris Reimann, Angela Kolonich, Sue Carpenter Next Generation Project-Based Learning Initiative K-12, Science
Nicholas T. Young, Marcos D. Caballero A walk though a random forest: Using machine learning to determine important features for integrating computation into physics courses Science, College
Taren Going, Merve N. Kursav, Yvonne Slanger-Grant, David M. Bowers, Amit Sharma, Elizabeth Phillips, Alden J. Edson, Kristen Bieda, and Joseph Krajcik Problematizing: Understanding the Nature of Mathematical Uncertainty K-12, Mathematics
David M. Bowers, Amit Sharma, Taren Going, Merve Kursav, Yvonne Slanger-Grant, Elizabeth Phillips, Alden J. Edson, Kristen Bieda, and Joseph Krajcik Productive Disciplinary Engagement: Digital Affordances for Open Problems in Middle School Mathematics K-12, Mathematics
Jonglim Han Yoo, Bob Cermak, and Robin Rennie Dow STEM Scholars Program: From Persistence and Surviving to Thriving in STEM Science, College, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
Samantha Baruah, Sarah Bodbyl, David Fortus, Joe Krajcik, Marcus Kubsch, Knut Neumann, Jeff Nordine, Sebastian Opitz, Israel Touitou Teaching energy at the middle school level through a systems-transfer approach K-12, Science
Kirsten D. Edwards, Emily Scott, and Charles W. Anderson Designing Curriculum to Support Students in Engaging in the Science Practices K-12, Science
Angela Kolonich, Dan Damelin, Joseph Krajcik Supporting Teachers in Using Project-Based Learning to Promote Inclusive, Three-dimensional Instruction in Secondary Science Classrooms K-12, Science
Kristy Griswold, Paul Irving, Daryl McPadden, Danny Caballero Denoting Leadership Actions/Traits in Group Work Science, College
Kara Haas, Misty Klotz Community Outreach for K-12 Teachers and Students Science, Other
Lora Kaldaras, Joe Krajcik Research Assistant, CRAETE for STEM K-12, Science
Daniel Oleynik, Paul Irving, Daryl McPadden, Marcos Caballero Situating Debugging Literature in Group Computational Environments Science, College
Daryl McPadden, Paul W. Irving, Marcos D. Caballero Progression of Student Feedback and Computational Skills in P-Cubed Science, College, Technology
Alyssa C. Waterson, Paul W. Irving, Marcos D. Caballero, Daryl McPadden The Structure and Method of Planning in Group Work Science, College
Olivia M. Crandell, Melanie M. Cooper, Sonia M. Underwood Understanding Acid-Base Reactions Overtime: From General Chemistry to Organic Chemistry Science, College
Elizabeth LaPensee, Christie Poitra, Estrella Torrez Generative Generations: Indigenously-Determined STEM Game Development Curriculum Science, College, Technology
Oscar Judd, Melanie Cooper Developing and using an automated coding model for analyzing students’ use of interactions to explain macroscopic energy changes in solution formation Science, College
Chris Minter, Melanie Cooper Investigating College Chemistry Students’ Explanations and Models of Atomic Spectra Science, College
Samantha Houchlei and Melanie Cooper Investigating Student Understanding of Curved Arrow Notation in a Transformed Organic Chemistry Course Science, College
Keenan Noyes, Melanie Cooper Characterizing explanations of the London dispersion force to iteratively refine activities in general chemistry Science, College
Erin Duffy and Melanie Cooper Impact of Training on Graduate Teaching Assistants' Preparedness and Self-Efficacy in a Reformed General Chemistry Laboratory Course Science, College
Ryan L. Stowe, Robert McKay, Deborah G. Herrington, Melanie M. Cooper Getting a CLUE (about chemistry) in High School K-12, Science
TBD TBD Science, College