MiniConference Participants

Hannah Rose
Joshua Rosenberg
Visala Satyam Ph.D. Candidate
Katie Schenkel Graduate Student Michigan State University
Jennifer Schmidt Associate Professor MSU - EPET
Megan Schrauben Integrated Education Consultant, Curriculum & Instruction Michigan Department of Education Megan holds a BS in physics and mathematics secondary education from the University of Michigan and a MS-ASE from Michigan Technical University. She is a past physics and mathematics teacher and Mathematics and Science Center Director. Currently Megan works for the MI Department of Education as the... Read more
Christina Schwarz Associate Professor MSU, Department of Teacher Education/CREATE
Emily Scott Postdoctoral researcher Michigan State University
Delaney Serlin Undergraduate Researcher Michigan State University, Dept. of Chemistry
Sam Severance Postdoctoral Research Associate CREATE for STEM Institute
Amit Shrma Graduate Student MSU I'm a first year Ph.D. student at PRIME (MSU) currently working on a research assistantship with Connected Mathematics Program (CMP). I will be jointly presenting a poster.
Rhys Sirna
Jim Smith Professor MSU Lyman Briggs College My colleagues and I are also involved in a number of biology education initiatives and research projects, which are aimed towards helping students understand the relationships of genotypes, phenotypes, Mendelian genetics and biological evolution. One major project involves the design,... Read more
Tamara Smolek Science Education Research Consultant Michigan Department of Education TJ Smolek is the Science Education Research Consultant for the Office of Standards and Assessment at the MI Department of Education. Prior to coming to MDE, TJ worked as a graduate researcher at Michigan State University where her research focused on teacher's intersectionality and... Read more
Kamali Sripathi Post-Doctoral Research Associate Michigan State University