MiniConference Participants

Chris Minter
Pamela Mosley Postdoctoral Research Associate Michigan State University
Abhilash Nair Graduate Student Michigan State University
Keenan Noyes Research Assistant Michigan State University
Zachary Nusbaum Conference Coordinator Zach is the coordinator for the 2016 Mini Conference; Please feel free to contact him with any questions that you may have at! Zachary Nusbaum (MSU Class of 2014) holds a degree in History, Philosophy and Sociology (HPS) of Science from Lyman Briggs College. He is a research... Read more
Sebastian Opitz Research Associate CREATE for STEM Institute, Michigan State I am a research associate at CREATE for STEM Institute, MSU. I studied Biology and English in Germany and Scotland and did my PhD in science education research at the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education, Kiel/Germany. My current research interests are students' learning... Read more
Joyce Parker Education and Outreach Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center
Jalpa Patel Lyman Briggs College
Alanna Pawlak
Lynmarie Posey Associate Professor of Chemistry Michigan State University My current research is focused on development and refinement of a chemistry bridge course, CEM 121-Explorations in Chemistry, that serves as one of the academic components of the Dow STEM Scholars (DSS) Program at Michigan State. This program aims to support students who have placed into remedial... Read more
Amy Ray Graduate Student Michigan State University
Shais Raza Undergraduate Lyman Briggs
Christopher Reimann Director of Communications Chris helps CREATE-related projects and staff communicate all the great stuff they are doing to improve STEM education.
Robin Rennie Director Dow STEM Scholars Program
Kristy Robinson Graduate Assistant MSU College of Education