MiniConference Participants

Keenan Noyes Graduate Student Michigan State University
Daniel Oleynik
Christopher Reimann Director of Communications Chris helps CREATE-related projects and staff communicate all the great stuff they are doing to improve STEM education.
Kathryn Schwartz URA BEACON/Linnen Lab
Sam Severance Postdoctoral Research Associate CREATE for STEM Institute
Chris Shaltry Academic Technology and Curriculum Specialist Michigan State University
Kamali Sripathi Post-Doctoral Research Associate Michigan State University
Colter Starr
Ryan Stowe Research Associate
Israel Touitou Research Associate CREATE for STEM institute
Caleb Trujillo Research Associate Michigan State
Mark Urban-Lurain Associate Prof / Associate Director CREATE for STEM
Alexa Warwick Postdoc Michigan State University
Alyssa Waterson
Erica Wehrwein Assistant Professor Michigan State University