Getting there: Where, why, and how? Visualization tools to keep students on track and stimulate motivation


Idit Adler, Elliot Soloway, Josh Meyer, Jane Lee, Krista Damery, Renee Bayer, Joe Krajcik

Beginning February 6th through April 27th, 6th grade students and their families in Flint Community Schools are learning about Type 2 diabetes as a part of science class. The goal of this unit, called “Health in Our Hands: What controls my health?” is to understand genomics – gene-environment interaction and its effects on human health. Several visualization tools are employed throughout the curriculum to help keep students scaffold their modeling development, support their inquiry, and keep them on track as they navigate the lessons. We will collect data regarding students’ understanding of the various representations of the curriculum, and the extent to which these representations stimulated their motivation to engage in the curriculum.



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