Collaborative Research: Enhancing Middle Grade Students’ Capacity to Develop and Communicate Their Mathematical Understanding of Big Ideas Using Digital Inscriptional Resources


Elizabeth Phillips, AJ Edson, Joe Krajcik, Kristen Bieda, Yvonne Grant, Amit Sharma, Taren Going, David Bowers, Amy Ray, Chad Dorsey

Research shows that developing and using inscriptions can develop students' capacities to represent knowledge and make sense of their thinking, which is essential for conceptual understanding within mathematics. While much research has shown this in science and technology literature, more research is needed in mathematics education. Paper and pencil are powerful tools, but digital environments offer different opportunities to increase students' conceptual understanding. As part of a four-year project, we are developing and studying a digital inscriptional resource that will allow students to work collaboratively to develop mathematical thinking. This digital workspace will enable shared creation of and access to inscriptions, which will allow students to use these inscriptions to make sense of their thinking and take ownership of their learning.



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