Call for Posters!

Conference registration and poster submission is OPEN!

We are still accepting registrations and poster submissions, even though the deadline has passed!
We are accepting poster submissions and abstracts online here, so that we'll have a repository of great information for conference participants and others to refer to in the future, and for contacting each other to build new collaborations.
After registering for the conference, you will be taken to a page to enter information about your poster, but you can submit your poster here online at any time up to the February 6th deadline.  After registering or logging into the site, simply select "Submit poster" from the Poster or My Account menus at the top of any page.  You can go back and edit or make changes at any time.  To encourage collaboration and sharing, we're asking poster authors to upload a PDF file of their poster as well, which you can do at the time of submission or any time up to or a bit after the conference.  
(For registration instructions and poster deadlines, click to read more)

Steps for Registering and Submitting a Poster

  • Click the link below the orange "REGISTER" banner at the right of this website, or: CLICK HERE
  • Fill out the required information, and then click "Create New Account" at the bottom of the page.
  • You will now be taken directly to the page for submitting a poster: If you are not presenting a poster, or are not yet ready to submit your poster, you can safely navigate away from this page... reaching this page means you are successfuly registered!
  • To come back and submit your poster at a later time: Log in to the conference with the username and password you created during registration.  Then, either: (1) hover over the "Posters" link in the menu and click "Submit Poster", or (2) click the link under the orange banner on the homepage (you can also simply click here).

If you have any questions about registering, please contact Zach Nusbaum at

Poster Printing

  • Posters should be no larger than 3ft x 4ft (36in x 48in).
  • If you need help printing, the College of Education Copy Center will be providing poster printing services for this year's Mini Conference.  To take advantage of this, contact the copy center at and mention that you are printing for the CREATE Mini Conference.


  1. Conference Registration and Poster (Abstract Only) Submissions: February 6th
  2. Poster (PDF / PPT File) Submissions: February 9th

Note about poster uploads: You may submit your poster on February 3rd without the PDF / PPT file, but urge you to return to this website to upload your poster before the start of the conference.  We will make these files available in order to encourage conversation and collaboration after the conference is over.  Other attendees will be able to view and comment on posters through this website.  If you have trouble uploading your poster through this website, you may also email the PDF or PPT file to Zach Nusbaum at  If you are presenting multiple posters, please email them separately.