Poster Submissions

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Authors Title Categories
Daniel Oleynik, Paul Irving, Daryl McPadden, Danny Caballero Problem Solving Approaches In a Computational Environment Science, College
Daryl McPadden, Paul W. Irving, Marcos D. Caballero Progression of Student Feedback and Computational Skills in P-Cubed Science, College, Technology
Alyssa C. Waterson, Paul W. Irving, Marcos D. Caballero, Daryl McPadden The Structure and Method of Planning in Group Work Science, College
Diane Ebert-May, Jessica Middlemis Maher, Nathan Emery Evidence for predicting teaching practices in early-career biology faculty Science, College
Olivia M. Crandell, Melanie M. Cooper, Sonia M. Underwood Understanding Acid-Base Reactions Overtime: From General Chemistry to Organic Chemistry Science, College
Elizabeth LaPensee, Christie Poitra, Estrella Torrez Generative Generations: Indigenously-Determined STEM Game Development Curriculum Science, College, Technology
Oscar Judd, Melanie Cooper Developing and using an automated coding model for analyzing students’ use of interactions to explain macroscopic energy changes in solution formation Science, College
Chris Minter, Melanie Cooper Investigating College Chemistry Students’ Explanations and Models of Atomic Spectra Science, College
Samantha Houchlei and Melanie Cooper Investigating Student Understanding of Curved Arrow Notation in a Transformed Organic Chemistry Course Science, College
Keenan Noyes, Melanie Cooper Characterizing explanations of the London dispersion force to iteratively refine activities in general chemistry Science, College
Erin Duffy and Melanie Cooper Impact of Training on Graduate Teaching Assistants' Preparedness and Self-Efficacy in a Reformed General Chemistry Laboratory Course Science, College
Ryan L. Stowe, Robert McKay, Deborah G. Herrington, Melanie M. Cooper Getting a CLUE (about chemistry) in High School K-12, Science
TBD TBD Science, College