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Authors Title Categories
Phyllis Haugabook Pennock, Samuel Severance, Joseph Krajcik Developing Three-Dimensional Life Science Tasks for the Next Generation Science Standards K-12, Science
Idit Adler, Elliot Soloway, Josh Meyer, Jane Lee, Krista Damery, Renee Bayer, Joe Krajcik Getting there: Where, why, and how? Visualization tools to keep students on track and stimulate motivation K-12, Science
Kara Haas, Tali Tal, Renee Bayer Teaching Science Outdoors: Designing Outdoor Inquiry with Elementary School Teachers K-12, Science
Barbara Schneider, Joseph Kracjik, Jari Lavonen, Katariina Salmela-Aro, Deborah Peek-Brown, Kalle Juuti, Janna Inkinen, Jason Burns, Christopher Klager, Tom Bielik, Israel Touitou CESE: Crafting Engagement in Science Environments K-12, Science
Paul W. Irving, Kristy Griswold and Marcos D. Caballero Assessing difficult to assess learning goals - formative feedback in P^3 Science, College
Kamali Sripathi, Nancy Pelaez, Trevor Anderson Variety in Biochemical Representations of Enzyme Catalysis Science, College
Idit Adler, Jane Lee, Krista Damery, Renee Bayer, and Joseph Krajcik Weaving together schools and communities through models in action K-12, Science
Phyllis Pennock, Samuel Severance, and Joseph Krajcik Designing Three-Dimensional Life Science Tasks for the Next Generation Science Standards Authors K-12, Science
Krista Damery, Phyllis Pennock, Jane Lee Rubric Design for Three Dimensional Science Assessments K-12, Science
Joshua Rosenberg, Patrick Beymer, and Jennifer Schmidt Does Choosing the Problem or Topic Matter? Using a Person-in-Context Approach to Understand Student Engagement in Science K-12, Science
Christa Haverly, Christina Schwarz, Angela Calabrese Barton, Melissa Braaten Responsive Scaffolding to Support Novice Teachers' Responsiveness K-12, Science
Jalpa Patel, Madison Kraus, Shais Raza, Dr. Andrea Bierema Understanding How Undergraduate Students Perceive Biologists Science, College
Hailey Cockerill, Andrea Bierema, Rosa Moscarella, Kevin Haudek, Mark Urban-Lurain, John Merrill Exploring Students’ Ideas of the Origin of Genetic Variation Science, College
Rachel Yoho Climate Change and Energy Technologies in Introductory Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Textbooks Science, College, Technology
Tanner Foster, Kevin Haudek, Rosa Moscarella, Rachel Yoho, Mark Urban-Lurain, John Merrill Enzyme Structure and Function: Comparing Student Responses to Multiple Question Versions Science, College
Susan Codere, Joe Krajcik, Multiple Literacies Team Multiple Literacies in Project-Based Learning (ML-PBL) K-12, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
Katie Hinko, Claudia Fracchiolla What is the impact of participation in informal physics programs on university students? K-12, Science, College
Pamela Mosley, Jennifer Nimtz, William Humes, Kristen Bieda, and Lynmarie Posey Graphing as a Learning Tool in Chemistry Science, College, Mathematics
Abhilash Nair, Paul Irving, Vashti Sawtelle Exploring relevance for life-science students in introductory physics Science, College
Sebastian Opitz, Joseph Krajcik, Jeff Nordine, Knut Neumann, David Fortus, Israel Touitou, Yaron Lehavi, and Marcus Kubsch A new Approach to Energy Teaching: Looking at Transfers and Fields instead of Forms and Transformations K-12, Science
Joyce Parker, Craig Kohn, May Lee, Charles Anderson A Learning Progression Exploring Students’ Ability to Use a Flux-and-pool Diagram of the Carbon Cycle to Understand Global Climate Change K-12, Science, College
Jennifer Nimtz, Pamela Mosley, William Humes, Kristen Bieda, and Lynmarie Posey The ICALC2 Project: Integrating Chemistry & Algebra Learning in College Courses Science, College, Mathematics
Mashood KK, Vashti Sawtelle, Charles W. Anderson, Emily E. Scott, Rebecca L. Matz, Sonia M. Underwood OPERATIONALIZING CRITERIA TO ASSESS INTERDISCIPLINARY THINKING USING TEXTBOOK ANALYSIS Science, College
Peter White, Alexa Warwick, Louise Mead, Jim Smith Evo-Ed: an integrative case-based approach to evolution education K-12, Science, College
Kelsey Funkhouser, Vashti Sawtelle, Danny Caballero Examining Physics Identity in Laboratory Settings Through Survey Development Science, College
Christopher J. Minter, Melanie M. Cooper, Justin H. Carmel Characterizing Student Reasoning about Atomic Emission Spectra Science, College
Emily E. Scott, Vashti Sawtelle, Charles W. Anderson, Mashood KK, Rebecca L. Matz, Sonia M. Underwood Evaluating how science students reason about interdisciplinary phenomena Science, College
Olivia M. Crandell, Melanie M. Cooper, Justin Carmel, and Ryan L. Stowe A Preliminary Investigation into Students' Use of Mechanistic Reasoning in Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Courses Science, College
Oscar Judd, Melanie Cooper Exploring students’ use of representation and explanation of macroscopic energy in solution formation Science, College
Kathryn P. Kohn, Melanie M. Cooper The Role of Energy in Chemistry and Molecular Biology Science, College
Keenan Noyes, Melanie Cooper How CLUE impacts students' ability to explain LDFs over time Science, College
Hope Gerde, Christina Schwarz, Laurie Van Egeren, Steven Pierce, Holly Brophy-Herb, Rachel Larimore, Norman Lownds, Brad Morris, Varsha Venugopal, Mara Stein, Deborah Stoddard Cluster Randomized Trial of the Efficacy of Early Childhood Science Education with Low-Income Children Science, Other
Robert McKay, Ryan L. Stowe, Deborah Herrington, and Melanie M. Cooper Adapting a Transformed Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum for High School K-12, Science
Ryan L. Stowe and Melanie M. Cooper Investigating Student Understanding of Spectroscopy in Organic Chemistry Science, College
Tamara (TJ) Smolek, Megan Schrauben Working towards a STEM State: The Role of the Michigan Science Standards Assessment K-12, Science, Technology, Engineering, Other, Mathematics
Angela Kolonich, Gail Richmond, and Joseph Krajcik Supporting Professional Learning for Urban Teachers In Developing Inclusive Three-dimensional Science Classrooms K-12, Science
Diane Ebert-May, Jessica M. Maher, Nathan Emery Contextual factors that impact early-career faculty teaching pratices Science, College
Mohamed Ayoub Coloring and Enhancing Our S.T.E.M. Program Science, College
Delaney Serlin, Justin Carmel, Melanie Cooper Investigating Students’ Expectations and Values in a Transformed General Chemistry Laboratory Course Science, College
Tom Bielik, Li Ke Supporting Secondary Students in Developing, Using and Revising Models K-12, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
Elizabeth Phillips, AJ Edson, Joe Krajcik, Kristen Bieda, Yvonne Grant, Amit Sharma, Taren Going, David Bowers, Amy Ray, Chad Dorsey Collaborative Research: Enhancing Middle Grade Students’ Capacity to Develop and Communicate Their Mathematical Understanding of Big Ideas Using Digital Inscriptional Resources K-12, Mathematics
Luke Tunstall, Vashti Sawtelle, Abhilash Nair, Katie Hinko, Paul Irving Exploring LBC Physics Students' Conceptions of Diffusion Science, College
Hye Sun You, Jill Marshall, and Cesar Delgado Toward Interdisciplinary Science Learning: Development of an Assessment for Interdisciplinary Understanding of 'Carbon Cycling' K-12, Science, College
Leonora Kaldaras, Joseph Krajcik Developing a Learning Progression and Assessment to Track Three-Dimensional Learning during an NGSS-aligned High School Physical Science Curriculum. K-12, Science
Becky Matz, Ben Koester, Stefano Fiorini, Galina Grom, Linda Shepard, Chuck Stangor, Brad Weiner, Tim McKay Gendered Differences in Intro STEM Courses are Consistent Across Five Universities Science, College, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics